What are we to believe?

The Sin of Sincerity

That original bite from the apple
Stolen kisses
Passions burning
Our lives up in flames
Now Judgment bars the way
My Illusions, your Delusions
All those words flying
Confused vision
Like opium fumes
Into our minds infusing
What are we to believe
We do this to each other
Have we not deceived
Lies, Lies, Lies
How can our words compete
Our feelings mean so much more
We are drowning in them
Endlessly repeating
Past patience and memories
Into our storms of Emotion
Confusion breaks us apart
Severed lives
Upset cries
Can we return to the start
Reclaiming our Lives
Undoing our Sighs
Of course I was wrong
Am I not a fool by nature
But does it not seem
That we bring each other anguish
Is this to be our fate
To bring each other Pain
Shall We Begin Again My Love
Jan 2010

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