Darkness Again

‘Dharamsala’ – @anjkan

Fire Arcing
Sliding apart
Red lipped flowers
With smoking stems
Sinking deeper
And deeper
Into the night
Darkness again
Weeping stars
And clouds
Raging lamp light
Punctuated with candles
That wobble and sigh
Will you hold my hand
Touch my lips
Move your hips
Can you feel
The dark moments
Candied sweetness
Rolling between us
Knife sharp intensity
Cutting the line
Between us
That keeps us
This is no love poem
Full of hearts and flowers
Our joining
Broken despairing cries
Littered lives
And blood
Blood from me
Blood from you
Blood from all of us
And yet we live
Living in pain
But still we live
We carry on
Half broken

We continue
You say
“The Buddha
Never mentioned this”
That must have been
A more advanced teaching
Taught in next years class
But now
It’s too late
The words
Have already
But at least
When you come
To this lesson
You’ll be prepared
To give a knowing smile
When the other students
Look perplexed
In Disbelief
March 2010

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