Shared Dream

This Beautiful Photo by @anjkan
Reminds me of Kundalini
I have dreamed of the snake
Now it’s in our shared dream


I dream in the nothing
I sleep in it too
Daylight & Dawn
Are lost in the shadows
Have you forgotten me already?


Madness and Sorrow
Those terrible brothers
Lie hidden in watery shadows
Watching from sun hidden clouds
Have you felt them too?


Shadowy dreams of the unknown
No longer knowing who I am
The sun sears my eyes
Birds call in the distance
Will I ever see you again?


Right & Wrong are Maya’s children
Dreams & Omens are winds of change
Shiva’s footsteps marks our path
Feeling the way with heart & mind
Will you try to find me?


Quiet waters run deep.
Nourishing & cleansing us all
Rocks dance in the river
bowing to its flowing spirit
Will you show me the way?


Twilight calms my breath
While stars laugh in the heat
In this dream of beauty
My heartbeat deepens
Shall we dance again?


A shooting star lives
And dies as we watch
Water flows past
But the rocks remain
Have we shared this dream before?

‘Dreamers, still’ @anjkan

July 2010


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