I. The City


In the city
We find the temples
The temples of sacred men
wearing their sacred masks

In the city
We find the schools
The schools of teeming children
wearing their children’s masks

In the city
We find the gold seeking men

Wearing their merchant masks

In the city
We find the greedy men
Wearing their gamblers masks

Let us not forget the women
In the city
Always there are women
Wearing their women’s masks

Not all good women either
These women of the city
With their women’s masks

The teachers and the whores
The mothers and the nuns
The wives and the shop girls
Wearing women’s masks

All these women
Hiding their faces
The same as men
All wearing their masks


But not just any city
This is Saigon
The city of opium
The city of oblivion

This is Saigon
The city of heat
The city of light

This is Saigon
The city of life
The city of love

This is Saigon
The city of death
The city of ghosts

But not just any Saigon
This is the Saigon of the 30’s

The Primitive 30’s
The Colonial 30’s
The Depression 30’s
All True, so true

But not for long
Not in Saigon
No, not for long.

July 2010


II. Seductions of the City

The seductions of the city

The men of the city
watching us
Seducing us

The women of the city
watching us
Seducing us

The dance of the city
dancing us
Seducing us

The opium of the city
Smoking us
Seducing us

The music of the city
Playing us
Seducing us

The sex of the city
Touching us
Seducing us

The food of the city
Eating us
Seducing us

The art of the city
Painting us
Seducing us

The words of the city
Writing us
Seducing us

The love of the city
Feeling us
Seducing us

The life of the city
Living us
Seducing us

The death of the city
Yes even its death
Killing us
Seducing us

Seducing us
Out of this life
Back into the spirit

July 2010

III. Not this time

Collage ‘Woman’
– El Collie

But not this time

This time is the river
In Saigon
Can you see it

This time is the seduction
In Saigon
Can you see it

This time is the awakening
In Saigon
Can you see it

This time is the dance
In Saigon
Can you see it

This time is the song
In Saigon
Can you see it

This time is the girl
With her man’s hat
Can you see her

This time is the Chinese 
With the girl
Can you see them

This time is the brothers
With the girl
Can you see them

This time is the mother
With the girl
Can you see them

This time is the Ghosts
The ghost of the girl
The ghost of the Chinese
The ghosts of the brothers
The ghost of the mother
The ghost of Saigon
Can you see them

Sad Sad People
Sad Sad Ghosts
In the ghost of Saigon

July 2010

IV. Ghosts


They haunt me
These Ghosts

Ghosts in the River
Ghosts in the sea
Ghosts in the heat
Ghosts in the City

But mostly
These Ghosts 
Among the living
These Ghosts
That haunt me

The ghost of the girl
Loving the Chinese
haunting me

The ghost of the mother
Full of her fears
haunting me

The ghosts of the brothers
Full of anger
haunting me

The ghost of the Chinese
Full of lust
haunting me

The girl who dances and lives
Learning of life
haunting me

The mother who does not love
Losing her life
haunting me

The brothers who kill and fear
Lost in their anger
haunting me

The Chinese who lusts
Looking for love
haunting me

Do they haunt you too?

These Ghosts
Ghosts that
Haunt me
Haunt us
Haunt us all.

July 2010

V. The River that flows

The River is no ghost
Flowing to the sea
The River is Jade

The Sea is no ghost
Feeding us all
The Sea is an Emerald

The Heat is no ghost
Oppressing us all
The Heat is Ruby red

The City is no ghost
Embracing us all
The City is a clear crystal

And most of all Death
Taking us home
Death is black Onyx

The River that flows
Over rocks and mud
Flows over me

The Sea that nourishes
With fish and salt
Nourishes me

The Heat that drains
With oppressive strength
Drains all of me

The City that lives
Giving life and love
Lives on in me

The City that dies
Taking life and love
Dies always in me 

Are we ghosts now?
Are we dead now?
Are we Real now?
How can we know?

July 2010

Reading Water

‘As above’ by @anjkan

I have had thoughts
Thoughts of joy,
Thoughts of plants in winter,
Thoughts of food,
Thoughts of politics,
Thoughts of water
Most of all 
Thoughts of Water

Of water I sing
I Sing of icy lakes melting
I Sing of lake bottoms
I Sing of lakes at the bottom of lakes
I Sing of Water that drinks
I Sing of Water that crawls
I Sing of Water that takes
I Sing of Water that encloses
I sing of Water
Mostly Mostly Water

‘Water Fantasy’ by @anjkan

Continuously surrounding
Without hands or feet
Without eyes or brain
Without thinking
Without breathing
In the Water

Always Water
Continuously moving
Over and under
Changing, ever changing
Setting out and returning
Meeting Challenges
Taking Chances
Finding Friends
Finding Trust
Finding Love
Finding Us all
In the Water

‘Deep water bay’ by @anjkan

So Celebrate
Celebrate Connections
Celebrate Who you are
Celebrate Who we all are
Celebrate All and Everything
Celebrate Life
Celebrate You and I
Celebrate Love
Celebrate Us 
In the Water
Parts of the beginning
Are ‘borrowed’ 
from Marguerite Duras
Tortured writer/artist
To fit my meaning
To fit my needs
To fit my desires
To fit my inspiration
It’s been said 
That she borrowed
That she lied
That she cheated
That she was human
These qualities
These realities
These illusions
join me to her
So why not…
Why not append
Why not adjust
Why not dream
Joining my dream
To her dream.
And now
Your dream too.
Adding to this dream 
Are amazing photos
Inspiring photos
delicious delights
All from an enchantress

@anjkan laughs’

I am grateful 
@anjkan has allowed me
to add her amazing pictures
to use with my poetry
I bow deeply in gratitude
Thank you dear Angela
From my heart 
– Yamabuki
July 2010

Shared Dream

This Beautiful Photo by @anjkan
Reminds me of Kundalini
I have dreamed of the snake
Now it’s in our shared dream


I dream in the nothing
I sleep in it too
Daylight & Dawn
Are lost in the shadows
Have you forgotten me already?


Madness and Sorrow
Those terrible brothers
Lie hidden in watery shadows
Watching from sun hidden clouds
Have you felt them too?


Shadowy dreams of the unknown
No longer knowing who I am
The sun sears my eyes
Birds call in the distance
Will I ever see you again?


Right & Wrong are Maya’s children
Dreams & Omens are winds of change
Shiva’s footsteps marks our path
Feeling the way with heart & mind
Will you try to find me?


Quiet waters run deep.
Nourishing & cleansing us all
Rocks dance in the river
bowing to its flowing spirit
Will you show me the way?


Twilight calms my breath
While stars laugh in the heat
In this dream of beauty
My heartbeat deepens
Shall we dance again?


A shooting star lives
And dies as we watch
Water flows past
But the rocks remain
Have we shared this dream before?

‘Dreamers, still’ @anjkan

July 2010