Songs of the Soul

‘Watching the world go by’
@anjkan her vision engages

You say I don’t know you.

Can this be true?
Can we not know each other
Are we all Narcissus
Caught in our watery mirrors?

Music makes all of us cry
Not always of course
But when flying home
To what you had thought lost
How could you not cry?

The way you shuffle a deck of cards
You think I’d rather watch that
Than look into your eyes
Those infinite depths of soul
I could never look away from you

Spinning a pen while reading Poetry
You have many talents to display
Like a fast turning carousel
Rushing madly around the world
Have you read any obstinate men lately?

I remember kissing Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
We kissed goodbye for the last time,
Not a month before she died
On holiday in Harrogate in 1907
Was that you I kissed so passionately?

You and your crushes are legendary
I envy your ability to find lovers
And new words are aphrodisiacs
Seductive as your sensual sway
Hypnotic and deadly as Dracula’s fangs

And clouds, clouds I’ll never know them all
You never tire of their creative whimsy
Their beauty and sadness
Matching your moods so magically
Matching the depth of your sighs

Yes I missed your humming song
My hearing has never been good
I did see a pretty hummingbird this morning
Playing outside your window
I could not stay away from you for long

I’ve always been partial to the 3rd floor
Though attics are magical places too
So high up in the air as if flying
And the light shines so mysteriously
I shall do my best to find you, my love

But love is the real mystery
Though its key opens the way to you
Love’s body boldly goes in
Where even angels fear to tread
Can you not open your heart, even a little?

‘Chill pill’ – by @anjkan

June 2010
Written in response
To Tammy Ho Lai-Ming’s

Looking at the Sun

by @anjkan 
Mystic photographer

“Tricks of the trade?
Ain’t tricks boy, 
That’s Death you’re looking at”
— Louis Gossett Jr
in “El Diablo”

Do you wish to see God?
We who call ourselves mystics
Say we ache for divine vision
This is easy to say
But who of us has dared to look at the Sun?


Do you really want mystical vision?
To go where a mountain is not a mountain
To do that you must eat forbidden fruit
Go into the forbidden room
And pay the price of breaking the rules

The price of the forbidden is always death
Yet death is the zero point of the soul
The beginning must start with emptiness
Emptiness opens us up to the spirit
Then gives a Möbius twist to our soul

What is this Möbius twist of soul?
That changes a Zer0 to ∞
This Möbius twist of soul is Truth
This Möbius twist of soul is Freedom
This Möbius twist of soul is Death

Truth and Freedom are forbidden fruit
Freedom and Truth are like perfection
They are the path of madness
They are the path of blindness
Blind & Crazy are the marks of a mystic

But not just any Blind or Crazy will do
For like babies we have to learn
Learn to speak and see
Learn the words and symbols
Learn the language of God

June 2010

Angel Light

Cameras don’t see them
yet @anjkan shows them here
Reflected in the light


Try keeping your eyes open.
Try not blinking.
It’s actually possible,
Why bother you ask.
To see Angels, of course.
We are surrounded by Angels.
They move In and out of awareness
In the blink of an eye
They are here, and then gone
Have you not seen them?
It’s not that they are shy,
But rather they are so full
Of power and possibility,
They hide from our sight
To keep from blinding us

May 2010

Sirens’ Song

@anjkan shows us
Madly moonly
gaps between maps

Madly moonly silently croonly 
Slinking past edges
Those gaps between maps 
Stopping hearts with darkness 
Singing their deadly Sirens song


You’ve seen them of course
You with the eyes of a angel
Those madly moonly spaces
As strong as Medusa’s gaze
Shadow visions to die for

More half dream poems in the night

I dedicate them to you

Though they are not mine
And are quite lost to me 
For they’ve returned to Shiva

June 2010