I want to go home

‘We live, We learn’ – @anjkan

Many years ago,
though it still feels
like only yesterday,
my mother lay dying.
She lay in a hospital bed,
lost in a sea
of medical tests,
tubes and medications.

Her husband,
my father,
had died
three months earlier.
Now she was dying too.

Each day
I spent hours and hours
holding her hand,
watching the doctors and nurses
fighting off death.

After about a week of this
I sensed a change.
We were alone
She lay there
and I asked her
if she wanted to go home.
Without hesitation
she said yes.

I asked her again
to be sure.
I said that I meant,
to her true home,
in the spirit world.
She knew what I meant.
Again she said,
she wanted to go home,
to her true home.

So I said ok
I would take care of it.
Naturally the doctors
did not want
to let her leave.
But my brother
backed me up.
We brought her home
to die in peace
in her own bed.

May 2010

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