The Magician

The Magician weaves his spells
with unexpected words.
Words that transport us
in mind and body.
Transport us
beyond the mundane,
beyond the serious,
beyond the everyday.
As children
we may seem 
and full of 
imaginary ghosts,
but this can well presage
magical and artistic abilities.
Memories in seeds,
cats that speak,
fiery birds,
the burning
that occurs
in our bodies.
Yes these are words,
but they are magical
and artistic
in their potential,
and no less real
for coming
from a young person.
Day to day realities
of school,
of family
of work
can repress
this magic,
can push it back
back into our dreams,
and lay forgotten
when we awaken
in the morning.
Some of us may choose
to stay connected
to the magical world,
but this is
no easy thing to do
when the world
is so strongly
pushing us
to let go 
of fantasy 
and imagination.
Shining a light
into the darkness
can hide 
as much as 
it reveals.

Sometimes darkness,
true darkness 
is where 
the magical beings
need to hide,
as well as 
they can be 
truly revealed 
in their splendor.

May 2010

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