Psyche’s Eyes

I see that Psyche
has chosen to share
a bit of her story.
I can’t say that
I blame her.

On the other hand
there is always more
than one side
to every story.

Take my story.
I get blamed
for so much.
“Cupid shot his arrows
and then we could not
help ourselves.”

But I don’t shoot
my arrows
I know
when and who
to shoot.
Mostly it’s their fate
that draws my arrows.

Sometimes the fates
leave it up to me
to choose.
But mostly
it’s just fate.

Some say that
people’s souls
decide before
they are born
to have connection.
There’s truth to that,
but it’s
more complicated
and yet
more simple
at the same time.
Really words
can’t do justice
to the whole matter.

Psyche is my wife.
But Venus,
goddess of love,
is my mother.
Who but I,
could possibly share
those two women.

To make it worse,
the fate sisters
are involved
as well.

I’ve spoken
with all of them,
Each tells
a different story.

Indeed they’ve all
changed their story
at one time
or another.

Hell, I’ve changed
my story as well,
depending on
who I’m telling
the story to.
Like I say
it’s complicated.

It started when
Venus, my mother
came to me
with a very strong
that I shoot Psyche
with one of my arrows.

Well I don’t take requests,
not even from my mother.
But still
she can be
very persuasive
when she wants.
And I do not say ‘No’
Lightly, to one
such as she,
especially since
she’s my mother.

So I found myself
approaching Psyche.
I made myself invisible
as I neared her bed
that night.
I admit it,
I was astonished
by Psyche’s beauty.
She was like a flower
just starting to bloom. 

It did not feel right
shooting Psyche
with one of my arrows.
So I choose
to scratch her instead
with the tip of my arrow.

As I approached her bed,
Psyche’s eyes opened.
And impossibly
she saw me.
She looked directly
into my eyes.

Her look was so calm
and yet strong
for one so young
as she.
I was the one
who was startled.
And in my surprise,
I jerked back
and pricked myself
with my arrow.

An impossibility
that could have happened
only as a trick
of the fates.

What was I to do?
What could I do?
My arrows
are fate sent.
They cannot be denied,
not even by myself, Eros. 

I fell in love with Psyche.
That was the beginning 
of our story.

May 2010
see also my poem
and love, and love, and love


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