‘Mojo Madness II’ – @anjkan

Psyche is my name.
Psyche is my fate.
They offered me
even tried to
trick me
into drinking
their potions.

But I had been
to the underworld.
I knew
their tricks.
I knew their 
immortal tedium.
I knew their
immortal foolishness.
They can keep
their immortality.
I poured 
their potions
into the ferns.

Why would a goddess
be jealous of me,
a mere mortal?
Makes no sense
does it?
I suspect 
the fates
had their hands 
in it.

The way I see it,
if something makes no sense,
it’s usually those tricksters
the fate sisters
having their fun.

Who can blame them really?
Their job is as bad
as that nonsense
about Sisyphus
rolling a stone
up a hill forever.

Like I say
the immortals 
get bored
and make trouble.
As bad as our lives may be
here in the world 
of mortals,
we actually have it
pretty good 
by comparison
to the immortals.

When they could not
get me to join them
in immortality,
they played 
another trick
on me instead.
They gave me 

Not just my personal memory, oh no.
I have memory of all mortals’ souls.
They say that they force
a sort of immortality on me.
The immortality of memory.

Impossible you say.
I wish you were right.
But it’s true.
True for me,
true for you,
true for all of us.

The angels take pity on us
when we are born.
They push their finger
in that groove in our lips
just below our nose.
That makes us 
forget our past lives,
and our “time” spent
in the eternal world 
of spirit.

But me, 
I’m somewhat immune
to their finger pushes.
I get to 
They say 
I get to be
the world soul.
A collage 
of all souls.
They are right 
of course.
My name 
is my fate.

But still
better than

May 11, 2010

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