— Steps to the grave

I really love Tammy Ho’s poem “Double Happiness” 
It’s so beautifully written, so powerful.

What I perceived from her poem
Is an ongoing Ménage à trios
Two men and a woman

Now the situation has changed
The woman has married the other man
But what of the odd man out
The man in Tammy’s poem
He is upset, angry and sad
But he also feels longing

To better understand
Read her poem:  “Double Happiness” 
My poem is the woman’s emotional response

Poe’s dream in a dream
Or your dreamer in a dreamer
What a tangled web we weave
Yes I steal those words too

Smoke yes, always the smoke
Obscuring your face and eyes
Poppy dreams of happiness
How could I not smoke
With you around
Taunting like a candle flame
Seeking my eyes

Time? We have all the time
In bed and out here
Lost on the edge of darkness
Come in deeper my dear
Come closer and smell
Sweet hashish dangers
Laced with opium
Laced with arsenic
Laced with despair
There’s still room for you
Why do you sit there
There’s always room for one more

Love? You speak of love?
Are you an angel of innocence?
Twelve years old and lost
This is no fairy tale
I may be a dragon
But I told you this
From the start
Let go of the shadows
This is a tango of death
This dance we brave

My grave is real, so very real
Come through the mirror with me
I will let you dance on it
Let you cast your curses at me
You act the betrayed victim
But life is not kind
Our cruelties like wasp stings
Are steps to the grave
Our very real graves

April 30 2010
The night of the spirits
when witches meet
and hold revels with their gods…”

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