three dreams

its come to my attention
that i’ve been too abstract,
not crazy enough for you
it that it?

the other day,
or night i should say,
i had a dream,
well several dreams,
but who’s counting

the first dream
was really a series of dreams,
each like a mirror image of the last one.
in each dream i felt the presence
the eerie presence of someone dark
big dark and foreboding even,
coming closer to me
closer and closer
until i became aware of big boots
big overcoat and heavy gloves
coming toward me.

I had been writing and thinking
about Frankenstein’s monster
maybe it was the monster
yet i was not afraid
still i had been feeling compassion
and sadness for the monster’s plight
so maybe the monster wanted to see me
after all everyone else spurned the monster

each time the being came close i called out
called out in my sleep and woke up my wife
she was not amused let me tell you
yet when i fell back asleep
there it was again and again i called out
again waking my wife
three times this happened
yet as i said before i was not afraid
except i was worried that if this kept up
my wife would make me sleep elsewhere

that’s all i remember of that dream
what does it mean
i’m not sure
since it happened 3 times
i think it may be important
but sometimes in my experience
we need to be patient with dreams
and wait for their meaning to become clear.

April 2010


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