Paris Texas Transitions (unfinished poem)

Spirits open the door
And they show us
Show us who we really are
They show us who we can be
and who we are not
Transition is the key
That allows us to see
The changes 

Spirit can be cruel
Yes cruel as the gods
Why would this be so
Why cruel spirits
To mock us cruelly
Or do they show us
A mirror to see ourselves
Are they demons
haunting and mocking us
Or are they truthful
In what they have to show us

When we really need
To know the truth
Who do we trust
Who can we trust
Which mirror shows truth
Should the truth hurt
Is pain the only path
Is life only suffering
Can we not also find love
Life’s pain
Over time
Can deaden us
Can stop us cold
Can stop us old
Or even young
What of Life’s love
Don’t we need it too
Are we not dead 
If we have no love
What remains
If we hold on
Hold on too strongly
To a deadly past
That imprisons and
Breaks our heart
and leaves us so cold
Have we lost ourselves
If we let go of our love
A child is life
When there is love
But when life is frozen
What is the cost
Of our pain and suffering
Are they all there is
Is there more here
If we look deeper
Or should we give up
And just die to love

If we are deadened 
by sorrow’s arrow
Have we not already
Let go of love
If all we have is
Anger and Pain
have we not lost
The child to despair
Letting go of hope
Until nothing remains

Where do we go 
To find the transition
Between Love and despair
Do the two not live together
Joined at the hip
Do we dare deny either
Killing one at the expense
Of the other’s Life
What is the balance
where life can flow
between the two

Paris, full of life
City of lights
Lush with love
Lush with spirits
Flowing rivers
Flowing wine
A lover’s arms
In Paris nights
Is there no sadness
Can we find
No pain in Paris
and what of Texas
that state of heat
so opposite of Paris
Texas is not hell
They too have light
There too is love
But it can be bad
It can be prison
It can be rage
In molten furies of
Death on the wind
And waiting
I’ve been to Texas
I’ve seen its lightning
Like you wouldn’t believe 
Like the voice of God
Crossing the sky
Making you believe
In the power of
Those Texas skies
Yet here too we find
Sweet Paris of love
Sweet Paris of light
Still Texas has
Storms marching
Across the dry land
With waterless fury
Death on the move
Snakes and Scorpions
Watching silently
Watching intently
And yet we find
Paris here too in Texas
Paris Texas is here
The gate to where?
Heaven or Hell
Or maybe both
Who can say
Only the fates
Who silently watch
And we who live here
In Paris Texas 
World of the World
Strength lives here
As well as heat and cold
A summer inferno
That melts all feeling
A winter with no Ice
No snow, only cold
To stop your heart
If you stop to rest
But at the transition point
When the wind whips
And suddenly stops cold
Then run for cover
Hell’s door is opening
The gods awaken
No time to think
Only Run or Hide
Heat and Cold are nothing
Compared with what’s coming
When the fates awaken
It’s like the end of the world
We can only hide
Hunker down
Down in the earth
Or we can run
Run to escape
Escape our pain
Escape our chains
Run to where?
Doesn’t matter
Just Run
If the time is right
If it’s your fate
Death lets you go
Freedom awaits
Or not;
Who knows?
When all’s said and done
Not even the gods know
What’s over the next horizon

April 2010


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