Dark Mountain

Deep in Dark Mountain
We still see fine
Like bats and ghosts

Roaming shadow trails
Was this a cave 
Or the back of a night club
I’m not really sure

In Dark Mountain
Yunicorn was ready to go
I still have more of us
In our band to round up
We’re all over the place

I need to find everyone
Yunicorn won’t go on
Without us with her

We’re primitive you say
That’s your point of view 
We view History
Differently than you
Here inside Dark Mountain

Now we’re all here
Making music
Yunicorn comes in low
Low and glowing
Bright eyes flashing

Singing lyrics I’ve never heard
But the song seems the same
The same as we’ve always played
This music of fiery hooves
Lashing the Moon shadow night

Nightclub beat
Flashing Yunicorn eyes
We heat the dancers

The six of us 
In Coltrane madness
That’s Us
Yunicore Unicorn Jazz
Lighting your way
In Dark Mountain

April 2010


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