The Other Night I Had a Dream

The other night I had a dream
A dream that I’m now unable to remember
I’d like to know what my dream means
But will have to content myself with your dream instead
– yamabuki
April 2010
The dream/Poem
Was from Tammy Ho Lai Ming’s blog
Highly recommended
What I’m posting here
Is my comment to her post/poem
The parts in bold are Her poem
Dawn, I arrived at your door shoeless
& the first thing you offered me
was a cup of tea.
Being shoeless can mean connection to the earth
I see it also as symbolizing my lost dream
(I without my dream, you without your shoes)
Offering the cup of tea
What an obvious symbol:
and My “Full Moon Tea”
Both fit the bill quite nicely
It seems to be an offering of your dream
In place of my lost dream
Or I can imagine it so anyway
It came in a sphere, smaller
than half the size of my palm.
‘It’. What an odd word
We see ‘it’, hear ‘it’, smell ‘it’, know ‘it’
But what is this ‘it’ really?
It’s like an opening into mystery
Look at ‘it’, without knowing what ‘it’ is
And we are mystified, confused, unsure
You get the point I think.
It’s small and spherical
A global glass
It reminds me of a previous Twitter Avatar of mine
It looked like Aqua-man holding a small glass globe
It held the small glass globe in the palm of the hand
And in the globe was water and a lively fish
Anyway the mysterious ‘It’ is transformed
Transformed into a small sphere
When you poured
hot water, the ball’s electrified: it opened,
no longer shy.
Now we bring time into the picture
When is always now,
Eternally present
Oh but you show yourself to be a mystic
A mystic playing with time!
You poured hot water.
So magical!
Water out of nowhere
The ball’s electrified
You can now see that ‘electrified’
May also mean amazed and astonished
Causing ‘it’ to open to our presence
No longer shy
Then, whole green leaves were floating
in my bewildered cup.
‘Then’, again we invoke time
‘Then” is usually paired with the past
When we had done something, as in
“Then I woke up”
But not here, Oh No.
‘Then, whole green leaves were floating’
Uses the past tense, yet invokes the present
Oh, My! what magical manipulation of time
Who is this Magician, this magical ‘you’?
But let us not forget the whole green leaves
They appear out of nowhere
I know this is a dream, but this is amazing
No wonder the sphere is ‘electrified’
The first patterns they formed:
the letter M, coke bottle, a spider web.
It seems we are correct about the magic
Out of nowhere patterns are formed
This dream portends much
First magic and now conjuration
But what is conjured?
First the letter M
Let’s see M, M, M
It comes from the Phoenician Mem,
via the Greek Mu (Μ, μ).
And the Semitic Mem probably originally pictured water
Semitic people working in Egypt c. 2000 BC
Borrowed a hieroglyph for “water”
I had expected a connection to Magic and Mystic
Yet water fits just as well and
We did use hot water to make the tea
The Coke bottle is another glass container
A spider web, Oh My
We could be here for days
Figuring out the meanings
Let’s go on to the next line instead
After tea, you took me to a walk.
‘After tea, you took me to a walk’
The manipulation of time and space
This truly, without doubt is a Magus
The moment we stepped outside the front porch,
three pairs of water birds flew lowly over us.
‘The moment we stepped outside…’
Now this Magus appears to have frozen time
Dissected it or perhaps grafted onto new time
At the transitional point of the front porch
It being the front porch we can see that
This Magus is being up front with us
The Magical appearance of the paired birds
Occurs without any effort on the part of the Magus
This is how the best magic is done of course
Indeed a Magus likes the magical world to appear
In a totally unpredictable manner
So that even the Magus is surprised by it
And to be sure that we know that it’s our magic
The ‘three pairs of birds flew lowly over us’
I had never heard that sound before:
their wingstrokes pushing through
the crisp and new air.
Let’s move on from these magical interpretations
We are now outside in the natural world
The world of sound and wings and crisp new air
But mainly the world of sound is invoked
Sound like we’ve never heard it before
This is the natural world seen as it really is
Heard as it really is
Not as we remember it or imagine it, No
But as it truly is before we process it in our mind
This is not magic
This is reality, the real world
Really seen and heard
Better than magic
You joked that you had commanded them
to give me an official welcome.
Another hint at this Magus’ abilities
Who but a Magus would suggest
Especially in a joking manner
That nature could be commanded
Yet the friendliness of it
‘an official welcome’
Let’s us know that this is a playful Magus
Who is happy to share time with us
And enjoys our company
(A Magus must surely be aware of our presence
[mine and yours] as well)
You lived near the ocean. (You said you must.)
Ah the ocean, The Ocean.
Not for everyone, I admit
But One who must live near the Ocean?
This says a great deal about our Magus
For who must live near the ocean?
Who indeed, but one whose life
Is inextricably connected to the ocean
They say this is true of Selkies
And it’s true of others as well
Such a one may enter our dreams
For dreams come from the ocean of dreams
You showed me all of it. Because not one moment
do I forget, I remember:
Here ‘it’ is again.
Not just a glimpse, but ‘all of it’
And what an ‘it’ it was
Shown so astonishingly
As to be unforgettable
Can you see ‘it’ too?
We can only try
On a wooden bench
facing the sea, one of the gulls took flight,
but the rest of the lot stayed.
Was ‘it’ on a wooden bench facing the sea?
Or was that Him or Her, You or Me?
Perhaps it’s all or even none of us
Perhaps only the seagulls know
Or maybe just the one that took flight
The wooden bench would know
But they usually only speak
In the language of splinters
And mostly sit there quietly
Why did the one gull leave
What were the other gulls waiting on
One of the mysteries of the sea. no doubt
You picked up
a closed seashell and said: ‘There’s a diamond inside,
or a tiny baby mermaid.’
More Conjuration here
This time of a closed seashell
But not just any seashell
Oh, No.
How many seashells have diamonds
Or baby mermaids inside
The hardness of diamonds
May be the strength of the sea
That can erode anything at its edge
The baby mermaid is the living intelligence
New born and hidden from our eyes
So tiny as to be found in a seashell
I was scared to see that nude,
headless statue, whose breasts were not covered.
What is it about this nude headless statue
That is so deliciously scary
Surely not the uncovered breasts
Was this the statue of a headless monster
I’m currently reading a book about monsters
With no heads, whose brain, mouth and eyes
Are all housed in their torsos
[“The Monstrumologist –William James Henry”
By Rick Yancy – quite a dreadful book]
Could the statue be one of these dreaded beings
“And of the Cannibals that each other eat,
The Anthropophagi, and men whose heads
Do grow beneath their shoulders.”
— Othello, Act 1. Scene III”
Perhaps we’ll never know
Then again perhaps we’d just as soon not know
A boy, not far away from us, kicked waves.
After seeing the horrible statue
What a relief it must have been
To see a boy kicking waves
I wanted to join him.
The boy perhaps is lost innocence
A return to a time of play and joy
Would we all not wish to return
To those times of our childish selves
I began to run, knowing
that you would follow.
This, I think is where we sense the dream’s end
We are running to try to catch up
But the dream’s already receding
Leaving us only the images and mist
That follows the falling out from a dream
But at that moment,
I heard a soft cough, the TV was on. When I woke up,
I woke fully.
This is the tricky point
Now you think
“Oh the dream is over
And I’m awake in the real world”
But this is not really so
For we have really fallen
Fallen into the world conjured
The TV seems mundane and real
But TV is plainly illusion
(I have worked in television for many years
So I know about the unreality of TV)
Only my footprints showed I was there,
transcending both worlds.
The footprints are the give away
The two worlds are not as separate as we think
It’s like in the beginning
Leaving the house to go out to the ocean
Now we have returned back to the house
And my tea cup.
But even in the house we still have the tea cup
Even inside our wakeful eyes ‘it’s” there
Every time we blink for a second
The world disappears
And we’re back in the dream
If only for a second
Did you not promise, in my dream, to unveil
the night skies, colourfully painted?
And there is the promise of more to come
Night skies unveiled and colourfully painted
What new magics await us
Not even the Magus knows
For not knowing makes it more exciting

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