Have You Seen Them?

Have you seen them

Seen them here
Here at my sad cafe
with its executive clientèle
exquisitely priced water
And desirably exclusive emptiness
They’re like newly polished gems
Each a reigning princess
Each more pretty than the others
Each shining in candlelit darkness

Yes I’ve Watched them
Watched all five of them
Their sleek fine bodies
In tailored princess suits,
But no queens here
Only gossip girls
Laughing and talking
Among themselves

Have you seen them
Their mock tearful episodes
Mocking our dire straights
How can they possibly be here
These posh executive children
Children with heads held high
Feeling nothing in their brightness
18 year olds who’re too young
Too young to be CEO’s

Have you seen them
Their cold eyes watching
Their young heads talking
Come straight from their
Out of fashion
Boring conglomerates
Seeking cheerful relief
From foolish clients

Have you seen them
Sighing pouts
Smiling deceptions
Singing their songs
Of shallow triumphs
Round and around they go
in limos a city block long
Sheathed from head to toe
In fashionable innocence

Have you seen them
Old at 18
They’ve become suits
Girls wearing suits
Yes suits
Silk suits
Leather suits
Princess suits
Suits of girlish armor

Have you seen them
They’re walking and talking
Strolling around the block
Everyday they go
With their sunlit smiles
Simpering laughs
In Frippery ties
Around their jaded necks

Have you seen them
Each a silken princess
Reflected in our eyes
In sunlit glamor prancing
Have you resented them
In their finery and Innocence
Weren’t we like that too
Long ago and far away
Or was that just a dream

April 2010

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