She Loves Me

“Little child,
it would have been better
if you had stayed in the fire.

You have nothing of your mother
but her sad human form.

You are the son
of a blinding
but cruel light,

and you’ll have to live in a world
of pale and anguished darkness,
of corrupted flesh,
of sighs and fevers –

everything comes to you from the Radiant….

The snakes will watch over you.”

(Cesare Pavese, from “Dialogues With Leuco”)
Witches words, Those.
Oh yes, She’s a Witch
Witch with a capital “W”
No small time witch is She.
She’s a Witch to make Sorcerers hide
Her spells and charms
Always do more than you know

She is beloved of the Fates
Beloved of the Goddess
Beloved of the Underworld
Think not to judge Her
You know nothing, Nothing
Nor can anything touch her

The Devil crosses the street
When he sees Her coming
Yes She knows a thing or three
So when she loves me
You had best look the other way
You had best smile 
And keep moving

For She sees your soul
She knows your hidden name
And She knows your hidden shame

And She loves Me
April 2010

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