The Wheel of Life

“I longed to sound
That double sea
Of Time and Space,
Where the human ship
Goes to and fro
— Victor Hugo

First, Calm yourself….

In the here & now….
Be quiet, serene….
Meditate and pray…..
Breathe in Love….
Breathe out life…..

Now, back to work!
Find new words!
Find new ways! 
Work, work, work !!!
More to do!!
More to do!!
Always more to do!!

Now Pause again……
Stop and rest……
Sleep and Dream…..
Slow your breath…..
Relax your mind……
Float in the stream…..
Again, back to work!
Wash the dishes!
Take out the garbage!
Do the laundry!
Feed the bird!
You know the routine
DO IT !!!
DO IT !!!
DO IT !!!
Back and forth
Back and forth
Back and forth
The beating of the heart
The rise and fall of our chest 
Breathing In 
Breathing Out
Waking and Sleeping
Living and Dying
This is who we are
The Moon is watching us
The Sun is feeding us
The Earth is supporting us
Round and round
Goes the Wheel of Life
Where it stops
Only Fate knows.
April 2010

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