If I Dream About You

Comme dans les étangs assoupis sous les bois,
Dans plus d’une àme on voit deux choses à la fois:
Le ciel, –qui teint les eaux à peine remuées
Avec tous ses rayons et toutes ses nuées,
Et la vase,–fond morne, affreux, somber et dormant,
Où des reptiles noirs fourmillent vaguement.

In souls, as in pools slumbering beneath trees,
Often there are two things a viewer sees:
The heavens—coloring the tranquil flow
With all their cloudiness and all their glow—
And mud—dank, dismal, sluggish, dark and deep,
Where dingy reptiles indistinctly creep.
— Victor Hugo


If I Dream about you
Will you know it?
If you answer is “no”
Then you deny your Soul

“Why is this” you ask?
“How am I to know
If you Dream about me?
It seems impossible”

The Web of life
Makes it so;
Not just possible
But inevitable

Dreams are
The language,
The Nature
Of our Soul

The Flesh and Blood
Food and drink
Source and Sea
Of our Soul

Joining us together
Where our Souls meet.
They’re as vital to our life
As what we drink and eat


“Who are we then
Behind these masks”
Are you sure
You really want to know?

And Air
And Dogs
And Bogs
And Flowers
And Men
Life and
The heights
And depths
Of being
Every one
A step
On the path
Of Dreams


Last night
I Dreamed
I met a woman
That I’ve only met
In Dreams

I told her that
I had never met her
In waking life
Yet felt that
I knew her

She replied
“That’s because
We have met
In Dreams
That’s how
We know each other”

“Will I remember you
When I meet you?”
I wondered.

“But we have
Already met”
She replied

“But will we dare
To admit we have
Already met”

“Will we know
How to cross
The lines
That deny
Our having met?”

“When our eyes meet
Soul to soul,
We will know”

“It’s the same as
Falling in Love.
You, know!”

“You may deny it,
Yet always,
Deep inside,
You, know”
Said my Soul

March 2010

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