Down the Rabbit Hole, Again?

Tammy Ho’s Post
(No longer there)
“White Stone:
The Alice Poems”
Takes us
Down the Rabbit hole
And gives us a glimpse of
Stephanie Bolster’s 
award-winning collection 
of Alice-inspired poems
As well as Tammy’s impressions
Of this book of Poetry.

I in turn was inspired
To comment on Tammy’s post

We’ve all read Alice countless times
So down the rabbit’s hole we’ll go
Reading them is so sublime
Never these stories will we outgrow

The Caucus race
Old Bill’s Face
The sleepy dormouse
The Dutchess’ house

Tweedle Dum
And Tweedle Dee
The Cheshire cat
Humpty Dumpty

On and on
goes the list
you know them all
We can’t resist

We may all be Mad
You may contend
But Our love for Alice
Will never end

March 2010

But it did not end there
I felt that while relevant
My poem did not address
Tammy’s post directly

Still it’s hard to comment
on fragments of poems
so instead I choose 
To address the proliferation
of writing adding to
The Alice genre.

This is my resulting poem:

Poems and stories after Alice chase
Like comments we may leave on Blogs
They do have too their rightful place
Where we can now all be embraced
And no longer feel like pointless cogs

Like History’s stories Multiplying
We see their many points of view
And this to Alice we’re applying
Until it becomes an endless slog
That finally leaves us feeling blue

So now we need a critic’s brand
To guide us through this comment land
Making sure that posts get scanned
And spammers all are rightly banned
To find for us what’s right and true

March 2010

To be honest I still feel 
That I have not quite 
got it right
In what I wish to say

Perhaps it’s Alice
And her merry crew
That makes my words
all go astray


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