Life’s Purpose

I’ve heard that in some tribal cultures
There will come a wise person
To speak to the soul
Of the child in the womb

The child is asked
Why it has chosen to take birth
What is its reason
For coming into this world

Sometimes this is all
Other times further dialog ensues
Concerning the reasons and rhymes
Of this new life coming towards birth

Years later when the child
Is starting to understand life
The wise person approaches the child
And begins a dialog

Or more accurately
Returns to the dialog
That started when the child
Was still in the womb

This was not done for me
Probably it was not done for you
Still something in us longs to know
Why we are here

What gives meaning to our life
Why keep going
And many more
Good questions all.

I believe that the answers
Always lie within
There are different ways
Of finding why we are here

Meditation quiets the mind
But it can also help find answers
Dreams too
Can aid our search

Standing on a bridge
Waiting to jump
Looking for answers
This is the knife’s edge way

Cutting through
To the center
Going to the heart
To see who you really are

Now look to see if you can
Look even deeper
There is always more
Wisdom within us all

March 2010

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