Digging a Hole

Response to Iris Law’s poem
When my brothers and I were young
We decided to dig a hole to China
Should take a couple of weeks at most
Apparently we dug in the wrong spot
We never could find the way
That led to that mythical land

Response to Iris Law’s poem

Having lived in California
My life seems filled
With Greens Reds and Blues
The colors of life

Today I stepped outside
And saw a hawk circling
Reddish wings
In Blue White Sky

As I watched
It circled close
Watching me
I could feel
The hunger
I stepped into shadow
The Hawk lost interest

Asian Pear trees
Pink buds peeking out
Came into focus
Freeing me of the bird
And Hawkish thoughts
Of Blood

I gift you with these images
May they warm you
In your Winter White

Feb 2010

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