Here There be Dragons

“But here is a question 
that is troubling me: 
if there is no God, then,
one may  ask,  
who governs human  life 
and, in  general, 
the  whole order of
things on earth?”
–Mikhail Bulgakov 
“The Master and Margarita”

Magic and Sorcery are not the same
Loving and living are Magic at times
But the drama of our dreams
Is spiced with more than magic’s wine

Faust was not content with living and love
Even Black magic could not do the trick
He wished to see outside the game
Behind the curtain, the Veil of Maya

Sorcery falls under the eyes of the fates
The three sisters they are often called
Though in reality they are really nine
All shadows of each other are they
Yet each is one of a kind.

Odd to call them kind,
For kind they are not
Some have called them Witches
But they go deeper than witchcraft

They are called the fates
Because reality they do shape
The illusion of our life they weave
With threads of happiness and strife

Still they tire of playing the same old games
Always knowing where the path leads
Always knowing how the cloth will unfold
Always knowing the fate of the seeds

Always knowing,
Is their power,
Always knowing,
Is also their curse
Always knowing, knowing, knowing
Their only wish is to sleep.

Some say they no longer have all their eyes
That they now share just one eye between them
That this eye is often hidden away from sight
That they might find solace in dreamless peace

With the fates, who can know
The where’s, why’s and how’s
But it’s not hard to see their endless despair
If you watch how they act in our world

Here then is where we find the wild cards
The Trickster, The Sorceress, and The Fool
They are three because the fates are three
And know the secret of fate’s school

These wild cards of Fate stir the pot
Adding in their timely spice
Splitting and joining the threads of strife
In their woven tapestries of our life

Feb 2010

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