Sorceress’ Shadow

‘… who are you, then?’
     ‘I am part of that power 
which eternally wills evil 
and eternally works good.’
     Goethe, Faust

“Before me in this chamber lived

A solitary sorceress:
Her shadow is still visible
On the eve of the new moon
Her shadow still stands
By the high doorsill,
And sternly and evasively,
She glances at me.
I am not one of those
Subject to other people’s spells,
I myself…..But, by the way,
I don’t just give my secrets away.”
Anna Akhmatova’s
Poem – “The Hostess
[a poem written
While Akhmatova
was living in the rooms of
Yelena Bulgakov.
Yelena was the
Inspiration for
The character
Who played
For the Devil
In Mikhail Bulgakov’s
“The Master and Margarita”
After Mikhail died,
Yelena finished
writing the book
and gave a copy
to Akhmatova.]
Sorceress’ Shadow
 – Yamabuki

In silvered moonlight
She sings to me
Of lives gone wrong
And broken tower bells
What else is there to do
But ring a sad death knell
What a tangled web
we weave this night
This solitary Sorceress
And I
Her shadow
Seeks to swallow me
Her Blackened spells
In darkness lie
Yet new moon ghosts
Still walk the night
Enticing spirits
From beyond the grave
Searing us with their cries
She holds me now with her gaze
When will these
Hades cursed shades
End their moaning
Crying ways
And let us go
Back to the light
Of dawn bred song
To start our days

Feb 2010


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