Three letter acronyms

This (not sure what to call it) 
is a comment to 
The Post mentions a 3 letter Acronym 
in Caps no vowels. 
There is no solution given, 
so some of the readers 
have been trying to figure it out. 
I wrote the following response 
without the acronyms meanings 
but said they could come to my blog 
to see the meanings. 

Three letter acronyms
BBS I don’t deny – Be Back Soon
BFN makes me cry – Bye For Now
BMB you would not say — Bite My Bun
BRH let us pray – Be Right Here
BRS will turn it on – Big Red Switch
BST I’ll not be gone – But Seriously Though
CFY I’ll always be – Calling For You
CNP when I’m free – Continued Next Post
CTS I will not do – Changing The Subject
DND until I’m through – Do Not Disturb
DYK I’ll stay with you – Do You Know
FTF when I’m blue – Face To Face
GBH to you I’ll give – Great Big Hug
GFN my will to live – Gone For Now
HLM you will say – He Loves Me
HMS if I must pay – Hang My Self
LHM there’s many more – Lord Help Me
LMK if I’ve reached your core – Let Me Know
LTS you must be – Laughing To Self
LYL is how I feel – Love You Lots
PDS we’re almost done – Please Don’t Shoot
QSL with acronym – Reply (not 3 word acronym)
RVD am I you see – Really Very Dumb
STW to find meaning – Search The Web
SYS I hope you’ll say – See You Soon
TTT is what I pray – Think That Too
VBS you give to me – Very Big Smile
WBS when you are free – Write Back Soon
I bet none of these
Are what you want
But I can not stop
Since your words haunt
Please be kind
Help us find
The answer to
Your beautiful mind
Feb 2010

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