Tea leaves at the bottom of the Cup

Rising Ape
Meet falling Angel.
Do not gape
Or get tangled.
Darkened vision
Seared by light.
Ape and Angel
Run in fright.
For deepest love
There is no cure
Love’s desire
You must endure.
Cupid’s arrow
Hits its mark,
& you have
Just lost your heart
The art of losing
Is not hard 
Close your eyes
And pull a card 
But afterwards
Is not so easy 
Keep on going
Don’t go crazy
Web 2.0 and stilettos 
The metaphysics
Of elegant style
Mind and matter
Is ever deep
Still it’s nothing
A few glasses of wine
Can’t cure

Feb 2010

These little poems were originally posted on Twitter
They were in response to other people’s Tweets
I’ve made slight changes for posting here
Just remember that this blog is as much for me as for you
Its here to help me put all my poems in one place
Rather than them getting lost in the Ozone

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