My friend Froggie

This was written in response to Tammy Ho’s poem “Boiled Frog”

My friend Froggie 
That he likes your words 

But then again he’s a trickster 
Watch your wallet when he’s around 
And for that matter watch your heart 

There is nothing he won’t steal 
When your back is turned. 
Too many things have disappeared 

I know it’s his doing 
That smirk on his face 
Is a dead give away 

So I found him a girlfriend 
To distract him 
Keep him happy

She keeps him happy alright, 
But he has corrupted her 
Now she’s a bigger trickster than him 

When he steals our stuff 
She then steals it from him in turn 
And offers it up for ransom 

She claims that since she’s married to him 
Its not stealing on her part. 
What’s His is Hers.

But at least she’s giving us a chance 
To get our heart back 
When Froggie steals it. 


Jan 2010


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