Anger, You Think?

Angry words‘ – Joanna Kan

I came across this Blog post
By Joanna Kan 
I really love the blog drawing:
(Thank you Joanna, 
For letting me add your drawing)
So I wrote the following poem as a comment:

You think I’m sweet?

I’ve got your spice, right here!

Everything Nice.
What the hell is wrong with you?

I’m a real person!
I have a heart and soul!
If you cut me I bleed!
The toils of life take their toll!

“Oh but you are a woman.”
Is that all you can say?
If you keep pissing me off,
I can really make you pay!

Yes, I love the flowers.
Beauty makes me happy.
But your condescension,
It just makes me snappy.

So, leave me alone.
Don’t be such a twit.
But if you call me “Sugar”

Then I’ll say “Fuck this Shit.”


Jan 2010 

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