Who are you, Where am I?

Painting – by Maco Nishida (owned by yamabuki)

Paris shines bright 
In darkest blue

Shanghai broods in silence, 
An old deceitful dragon

San Francisco gleams silver, 
Its mountains hidden in fog

Cairo remembers Pharaohs
Dreaming of past glories

Hong Kong negotiates the price 
Of gold biscuits over tea

Moscow slips away from Red Square 
To play in Gorky Park

And what of Santiago, Sydney, 
Delhi, Tokyo, Vancouver?

The list seems endless, 
A rainbow tribe of cities on Blue Green Gaia

Who would you speak to
In this polyglot world?

What messages pass
From eye to eye?

Beyond the colors of language
What flavors the drink of our soul?

In the places we all meet
Mind beyond words or flesh

Who are we
And what shall we do
In this river of life?

Jan 2010

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