‘Uncertainty’ yamabuki

“Is time the wheel that turns, 
or the track it leaves behind?” 
— R. Hobb

What is the crack between the worlds
The space behind our eyes
This hidden place with no name
All our answers are but lies
Ask the moonlight to explain

The Tides of life come and go
All we know is doubt
The point of change is its knife 
The Breath of life goes in and out
Blowing through our fragile life

What’s your name 
Before you’re born
Or after you have died
What’s the secret of your soul
The color of its eyes?

When you start to lose your step
Unsure which way to go
Consult your dreams
For witches’ signs
Watch the waters flow.

The magic works in crazy ways
The moon light hides the night
Dying moans distract our ears
From darker sounds beyond our sight
And fills the sea with tears

What sense is there 
In fool caught time
What road will bring us peace
The way of death is hazardous 
What other choice have we?

Jan 2010

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