Selling your Soul

At the Crossroads
Traditionally if you want to make a pact
With the Prince of Darkness
You go at midnight
When there is no moon showing
To witness your bargain,
For this is between you and him only.
It’s all the same place
But never the same time
Go where you will
until you are dying
Travel alone to the crossroads
Far out in the country
Away from homes or lights
Stand in the middle of the road 
Close your eyes and think of him only
Now is never the same
As your inner clock
Here is all that there is
Until you are caught
Don’t be afraid if nothing happens
He is watching you 
Waiting to see
If you really mean business
Looking into your heart.
This place is the same
This time it grows old
The price is not blood
Nor merchant’s gold
If He shows you his face
Try not to look into his eyes
Be careful what you say
Know what you really want
You cannot undo a bargain with Him 
It’s all the same time
But never the same place
You’ve lost your watch
You’ll be gone with no trace.
When you’ve signed with your blood
Watch for his smile
Your soul He will take
Say good by to this world. 
Dawn’s not for a while.
Jan 2010

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