Ordinary Things?

I love Tammy Ho’s poem “A Charmed Life”
So I wrote the following as a kind of response.
Do you know her? 
Do you really? 
By day 
You can hardly see her 
But by night
Her half closed eyes 
See you. 
None of us is ordinary or usual. 
Uniqueness defines our lives and our hearts. 
But who has time for all of life’s shadows? 
All the dead songs, and all our lost dreams?  
The lunar eclipses, the days til our passing? 
All will collect in rivers and streams. 

“Don’t go near her” say the cold eyed parents. 
But all of our children are lost in her songs 
Singsong cantrips that slip by slyly  
Beguiling their eyes in oracular visions  
Til all of our words are finally gone. 

What angels do you think to find here, 
Half hidden in cardboard 
And underground caves
Silvery rhythms litter the landscape. 
Spidery ghosts wander the lanes.

Who of us sees 
 The coal black demons 
Lingering lightly
Haunting our graves
Burning the night 
With playful shadows.
Hiding by day
In sheltering waves 
Only she knows the truth buried in earth 
Where the fire of God lies hidden and true. 
Only she knows the whispers of the long cold night 
That no one else can repeat for our ears. 
Only she knows the source of our troubling dreams 
And their liquid meanings so terribly cruel. 
Only she knows the way out of our fears. 
The price she requires?
The flow of our tears. 

Jan 2010

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