Steam in the air
Licking her cold lips
I touch her hair
Lightning Strikes
Shadows at midnight
Tears warming my Tea
When will you return my love?

Jan 2010

Thanks to Gigi Liu for allowing me to use her Picture of her partially completed painting
The poems were responses to poems on Tammy Ho’s Blog 


Shall We Begin Again My Love

The Sin of Sincerity
That original bite from the apple
Stolen kisses
Passions burning
Our lives up in flames
Now Judgment bars the way

My Illusions, your Delusions
All those words flying
Confused vision
Like opium fumes
Into our minds infusing
What are we to believe

We do this to each other
Have we not deceived
Lies, Lies, Lies

How can our words compete
Our feelings mean so much more
We are drowning in them
Endlessly repeating
Past patience and memories
Into our storms of Emotion

Confusion breaks us apart
Severed lives
Upset cries
Can we return to the start
Reclaiming our Lives
Undoing our Sighs

Of course I was wrong
Am I not a fool by nature
But does it not seem
That we bring each other anguish
Is this to be our fate
To bring each other Pain

Shall We Begin Again My Love

Jan 2010

This Poem was written as a comment to Tammy Ho’s passionately written piece:
A Plea 

(Thank You Tammy for your great Blog)


This picture “Sunrise” is one of a series  
called “HongKong every day” 
By very talented photograper

Dance of wings

Grace of time
Light needs Dark
Reason needs Rhyme 

Some People love the Light
For others only Darkness will do
But there are also those among us
Who slyly slip between the Two

The Brighter the Light
The Darker the Shadow
Yet some of us will ever meet
In that Twilight Bardo sweet


Where have you gone?

Recollection 22 
on Tammy Ho’s Blog 
Inspired this poem.

Where have you gone?

Black Cat, White Cat
Flesh of my Flesh
Blood of my Bones
Green eyes Flashing
Where has the Black cat gone
Back into my empty womb

This Dream of Life
Flush with my heart
Fired in the flames
Burning with Desire
Where have you gone
Now that I need you

Sitting in your lap
I feel your heat
I may be a cat
But I know you well
What would you do
Without my sharp claws

Alone we sit
Still as a broken mirror
Gathering Reflections
Late afternoon loneliness
Silver shards so sharp and tempting
Do you feel my blood covering you

Jan 2010

Anger, You Think?

Angry words‘ – Joanna Kan

I came across this Blog post
By Joanna Kan 
I really love the blog drawing:
(Thank you Joanna, 
For letting me add your drawing)
So I wrote the following poem as a comment:

You think I’m sweet?

I’ve got your spice, right here!

Everything Nice.
What the hell is wrong with you?

I’m a real person!
I have a heart and soul!
If you cut me I bleed!
The toils of life take their toll!

“Oh but you are a woman.”
Is that all you can say?
If you keep pissing me off,
I can really make you pay!

Yes, I love the flowers.
Beauty makes me happy.
But your condescension,
It just makes me snappy.

So, leave me alone.
Don’t be such a twit.
But if you call me “Sugar”

Then I’ll say “Fuck this Shit.”


Jan 2010 

My friend Froggie

This was written in response to Tammy Ho’s poem “Boiled Frog”

My friend Froggie 
That he likes your words 

But then again he’s a trickster 
Watch your wallet when he’s around 
And for that matter watch your heart 

There is nothing he won’t steal 
When your back is turned. 
Too many things have disappeared 

I know it’s his doing 
That smirk on his face 
Is a dead give away 

So I found him a girlfriend 
To distract him 
Keep him happy

She keeps him happy alright, 
But he has corrupted her 
Now she’s a bigger trickster than him 

When he steals our stuff 
She then steals it from him in turn 
And offers it up for ransom 

She claims that since she’s married to him 
Its not stealing on her part. 
What’s His is Hers.

But at least she’s giving us a chance 
To get our heart back 
When Froggie steals it. 


Jan 2010


Between Coffees Blog has a page about boundaries
Showing how foreign domestic helpers
Create space for themselves
By setting up boundaries in public space
Below is my comment
Transformed into a poem:

We all need a place 
That we can call our own
We all know this space 
Where we can feel at home

Connecting to our friends
Sharing food and drink
Breathing out the tensions
Finding room for grief



Without boundaries 
For ourselves
Our souls 


Jan 2010