Scaling the Tao by El Collie

El Collie was my first wife. She died in 2002 leaving me with all her writing, and a hole in my heart that left me feeling empty and ready to die.
Yet here I am 7 years later writing my own poetry, stumbling along as best I can.
I have since remarried, made some friends on Twitter and am still, for better or worse, a part of life.
This being my blog I can put what I want in it. Since El’s writing now has passed into my hands, I will post some of her poems here also. Perhaps some of her collages as well.
The picture above is actually one of my collages that I choose to use with her poem to remind me of my connection to her.
So here is her poem:

Scaling the Tao

I am not Mohammad,  I have no elevation,
but I will go.
I will travel to Delphi and touch the peak
of aspiration with my exposed nerve.
I will make a pilgrimage to the Himalayas;
I will wind my way to the slopes of Kilimanjaro;
I will pay homage to the Alps;
I will lay myself at the foot of Aconcagua…
I will go
with only faith for my rope
and honesty for my guide.
I am no master; I cannot levitate,
but I will go.
I will offer my earnest intent
to the highest altitudes.
I will give myself over,
I will open, open, open
so endlessly deep
that the mountain too steep for me to climb
will slip down to meet me.
In Namaste’ recognition,
the mountain and I will bow.
This is how it can be done:
By mutual veneration
I move the mountain which moves me.

El Collie


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